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Kids Learn Maths - Free Educational Math Games for The iPad

For ages 4 - 8

We provide a variety of fun and engaging maths games to improve your child's thinking skills while playing. Math game apps are a good learning tool to engage kids in learning math. If you are looking for a cool math learning game for your child, that they can learn and have fun at the same time, then look no further than “Kids Learn Maths”. It’s a free educational app designed for girls and boys. This learning game will teach your kid in a fun and engaging way. Educational games are perfect for building your child's confidence in maths in their early childhood.

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Kids Learn Maths is fun and challenging for children and we have games ranging from arithmetic, comparison, missing number puzzle, simple memory matching game, games that include using your fingers to write the correct answers. All with a catchy backdrop tune. All math challenges are timed and have a high score system for engaging gameplay.

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Practice / Timed Challenge

Kids Love Maths Missing Number Puzzle Screen

Problem Solving Skills

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Comparison Game

Kids Love Maths Arithmatics Screen

Hand-Eye Coordination

Kids Love Maths Mathing Pairs Screen

Memory Matching Game

Kids Learn Maths Column Method

Proven Learning Methods

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